a Trans Lit Journal

THEM is a body. 


THEM is a body of writers, of writing that does not conform.

Whether we lie outside, between, reject, or move freely between gender identities, our bodies are a site of disruption, confusion, and instability for those around us.


THEM is disassembly.  


Like gender, writing has failed us. Gender has never been simple because our bodies have never been simple. Caught in an assembling of violences distributed by race, ability, capital, our genders bare mistrust unequally. 

THEM is unashamed to speak “I” or to address “you” in all its multiplicity; THEM is unashamed to bare an “us” in all its difference. We accept we have been constructed as many, so we reject the fiction we share a common identity to call home; we come from below. We admit we were never singular.