a Trans Lit Journal

THEM Literature currently seeking editor.


An editor of THEM would be expected to read through submissions, involve themself in decisions regarding direction of the journal, copy editing, and to represent the journal as situations demand.


As a literary journal of trans* writers applicants must in some way exist in variation and resistance to the Western assigned-at-birth, gender-binary model, regardless of if they claim the word ‘trans*’ or not. THEM is especially interested in supporting the voices of people whose narratives are often marginalized within queer and trans* writing spaces, for example, femmes, people of color, and folks with disabilities, as editors and writers.


THEM is not for profit, thus the editorial position would be volunteer-based, but would include free copies of the journal and other relevant materials.


If interested in the editorial position, please send an email to themliterature@gmail.com, with subject "EDITOR APPLICATION". 


THEM is excited to hear from you.




in Resistance,



Jos Charles