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'Trans' is an umbrella term meant to include not just transgender or transsexual identities, but any person who does not exclusively identify as the gender assigned at their birth. This often includes genderqueer, bigender, agender, genderfuck, and other gender-variant identities. Like with any umbrella term, the only way to know if 'trans' applies to someone is if they apply it to themselves.  

THEM uses the word 'trans' in an attempt to make room in the old, reconcile, carve, begin where we can. 'Trans' is not perfect and without limits. THEM adopts it as a strategy: contingently and consciously. If a more suitable term, less grounded in binarist western identity-politics emerges, THEM will be happy to abandon 'trans' and utilize another.

THEM is not the gender police. Artists and authors needn't identify with 'trans' as a term, i.e. folks with cultural gender identities who reject its use, in order to apply. Send us your critiques. THEM is happy to read your manifestos.