a Trans Lit Journal
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issue III forthcoming winter , 2017





THEM is a literary journal of trans writers. As such only authors within the trans umbrella will be considered (more here)
THEM accepts poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, experimental writing, and pretty much anything. THEM is especially excited by writing that is particular, writing that doesn't appeal to "being trans" as if it were one, complete narrative. We are not just trans. Race, class, ability, size, and sexuality constitute and distribute the oppression of trans folks. Addressing our bodies as they are engendered without addressing how they are racialized, sexualized, colonized, and/or colonizing is to default to normative and oppressive ways of naming and assembling our bodies. Writing as if there is one common trans narrative defaults to a racist and ableist myth.
For each issue of THEM we are also looking for cover art. Before submitting, take a look at the current issue of THEM and the website to get a feel of our overall aesthetic. 

Feel free to write outside convention: our bodies don't always pass, neither does our writing. Surprise us. 
Upon publication, THEM retains one-time online and archival rights. Authors and artists retain all copyrights to their work.  If your work is featured in a later publication (book, chapbook, ebook, etc) we politely ask that THEM is given publication credit. 
THEM will consider re-prints, but they are discouraged. If you choose to submit previously published materials please provide initial publication information in your submission. Previously published material to a blog, personal website, etc., is not a problem. 
Simultaneous submissions are fine, just let us know if you get accepted elsewhere.
Please keep prose submissions under 2,000 words; keep poetry submissions to 3-7 poems. If you have something longer you are set on, THEM trusts you; however, be warned: we will probably read your submission hastily. 

Submit here. Submission title should read: ARTIST NAME; GENRE (short story, poetry, non-fiction, cover art, etc). In the body of the email include preferred contact information. Please attach all work submitted as one document (docx preferred, but if not we'll work with what you have access to) and a brief bio if you'd like. 
THEM will try to respond to you within about three months but we make no promises. Sometimes THEM is busy.

THEM is a bi-annual online and print publication.